The types of projects serving the transition

We focus exclusively on large-scale projects in mainland France, where we have a reliable electricity network capable of absorbing significant energy flows. The presence of large manufacturers also allows us to develop large-scale self-consumption solutions.

Depending on the requirements of your business, the specific features of your installations and the objectives of your projects, our expertise enables us to work together to develop solutions tailored to every situation.


Photovoltaic operation is flexible and modular, adaptable to all kinds of activities.

Producing energy

The production of photovoltaic energy enables the production of electricity in a sustainable and renewable way, relying on the surface of the roofs of buildings, crop fields, livestock lands, lakes and water reservoirs and wastelands.

Our teams help deliver projects by providing design, planning and project management services.

Analysing your challenges

The design of photovoltaic projects involves a precise analysis of the issues linked to each site, as well as the local regulations relating to it. The completion of these projects includes obtaining the necessary permits and authorisations, as well as the selection of suppliers and contractors working on the site. Our team is also responsible for installing photovoltaic equipment and carrying out connection operations.

Exploiting your site

The construction of structures, even large ones, is fast. Operation is simple due to the modular design of this type of installation.

During the operation phase, a dedicated team supervises the site, from its commissioning until the end of operation. Maintenance operations and possible repairs are therefore carried out by our team.

Our design office designs and develops ground-mounted photovoltaic projects of all sizes. We have extensive experience in designing large-scale projects, such as multi-megawatt solar power plants. We can also develop smaller projects for local businesses or local authorities. Our technical solutions are always adapted to the specificities of each project, using the most advanced technologies to guarantee maximum efficiency. We work closely with our clients to ensure projects meet their renewable energy expectations and objectives.

Audiences / uses

Land owners, energy companies


Maximum energy production per unit area


Fixed or tracker panels

Project size

5 ha minimum

Ferme photovoltaïque. Page projets Photovoltaic farm. Projects page.
Ferme de panneaux photovoltaïques. Page projets. Photovoltaic panel farm. Projects page.

We are also skilled in the design of agrivoltaic projects, which are solar installations located on agricultural land. These projects are designed to maximise the use of space and to ensure the sustainability of agricultural operations using photovoltaic modules. Our technical solutions are adapted to the specificities of each project and can include solar panels on fixed or mobile supports. We work closely with farmers to ensure projects meet their expectations and renewable energy objectives.

Audiences / uses



Energy production for agricultural yield and productivity


Vertical, fixed or tracker panels

Project size

15 ha minimum

Agriculteur dans une ferme de panneaux photovoltaïque. Page projets. Farmer on a photovoltaic panel farm. Projects page.
Moutons dans un champ de panneaux photovoltaïques. Page projets. Sheep in a field of photovoltaic panels. Projects page.

We design photovoltaic projects on shade elements that provide shade in parking areas or livestock farms. Our technical solutions are adapted to the specificities of each project and can include solar panels integrated into shade structures or fixed on specially designed supports. We work with car park owners, farmers and local authorities to guarantee projects that meet their expectations and objectives in terms of renewable energy.

Audiences / uses

Farmers, parking areas



Project size

1500 m² minimum

Ombrière photovoltaïque. Page projets. Photovoltaic shade. Projects page.
Ombrière photovoltaïque sur un parking. Page projets. Photovoltaic shade on a car park. Projects page.

Photovoltaic projects on buildings are designed to maximise the use of available space and provide a renewable energy source for building owners. Our technical solutions are adapted to the specificities of each project and can include solar panels integrated into roofs or fixed on specially designed supports. We work with building owners to guarantee projects that meet their expectations and objectives in terms of storage and production of renewable energy.

Audiences / uses

Farmers, professionals


Provision of building or roof rental


Storage building, roof renovation

Project size

1000 m² minimum

Toiture d'un bâtiment photovoltaïque. Page projets. Roof of a photovoltaic building. Projects page.
Bâtiment agricole avec des panneaux solaires. Page projets. Farm building with solar panels. Projects page.

Our energy storage solutions

Energy storage is a solution to the intermittency induced by solar production.
Batteries de stockage. Page projets. Storage batteries. Projects page.

Storing energy

Renewable energy storage in batteries works directly with the electricity grid. It responds to requests from ENEDIS or RTE to provide the public network manager with services enabling it to guarantee the quality of the electricity supplied to consumers.

On the other hand, our installations can also constitute a reserve of energy that can be used on demand depending on the production levels of our intermittent production sources, which are solar or wind energy. This energy provides available and reliable energy.

Personne qui analyse le réseau électrique. Page projets. Person who analyses the electrical network. Projects page.

Analysing the network

Renewable energy storage in batteries has several advantages, including:

  • Better integration of renewable energy sources into the electricity grid, reducing dependence on fossil fuels
  • A reduction in operating costs of conventional power plants.
  • Greater reliability of the electricity system, as batteries help the grid to be stable
  • A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, because battery storage allows more efficient use of carbon-free energy sources.

Designing storage projects involves in-depth analysis of the grid and electricity market. 

Wind energy

Wind projects are one of the pillars of the energy transition towards a greener and more sustainable economy.

A natural resource

Wind turbines produce electricity using the power of the wind, a natural, renewable and abundant resource. Current wind turbines have increased reliability and recognised efficiency and offer a set of relevant solutions linked to acoustics, the protection of avifauna, and their modularity.

These projects are today a pillar of the evolution of the energy mix both on land and at sea.

Designing your project

The development of wind projects involves rigorous planning and detailed studies covering all areas of the environment. Sites should be selected based on their wind potential, accessibility, environmental impact, acceptance and local regulatory requirements. Our teams are key partners in this process, as they can provide the knowledge and expertise needed to identify suitable sites, assess risks and develop plans to minimise environmental impact. Thus, we know how to ensure the development of the project and its construction and then its operation.

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