A multidisciplinary team

Our company relies on a multidisciplinary team made up of project managers, engineers, agronomists, environmentalists and town planners, all experts in the management of complex projects.

Our creativity and the range of proven solutions we have at our disposal are the guarantees of a successful project.

Our values at the service of your projects

As a company on a human scale, ADEN injects its values into the project and works on a daily basis for the energy transition.

Rencontre entre chef de projet, ingénieur, agronome, environnementaliste ou urbaniste. Page Valeurs & Missions. Project managers, engineers, agronomists, environmentalists and town planners meet. Values & Missions page.

The satisfaction of partners and people involved in projects is an essential component of our company’s work.

Forêt avec le logo présentant les énergies renouvelables. Page Valeurs & Missions. Forest with the renewable energy logo. Values & Missions page.

Our teams design adapted projects, in consultation with the territories for a reasoned and efficient energy transition.

Centre urbain. Urban centre.

ADEN works over the long term with various local partners to best integrate the production units it designs.

Carte des agences ADEN. Pages énergies renouvelables et contact. Map of ADEN branches. Renewable energies and contact pages.

We operate as close as possible to the territories with a network of agencies in Metropolitan France.

Equipe plutidisciplinaire au travail pour créer un projet ADEN. A multidisciplinary team at work to create an ADEN project.

We provide proven solutions but also tailor-made solutions to meet all types of projects.

From design to implementation

The diversity of the missions entrusted to us allows us to control the entire operational process.

Identifying a site suitable for the development and production of renewable energy is the first step in each of our projects. This identification is made possible thanks to our mastery of cartographic analysis tools (GIS) and town planning documents (urbanism documents). Once the pre-feasibility diagnosis of the project has been validated, we contact the local stakeholders concerned: owners, town halls, prefectures, etc.

This contact is necessary in order to understand the local issues that the project will have to face, and thus meet the expectations of as many people as possible. Therefore, consultation is a key element in setting up the project.

An in-depth analysis phase is then undertaken in order to identify the constraints inherent to the selected site, whether these are environmental or landscape constraints. Additional studies can also be carried out on peripheral themes. 

The results highlighted by this work may lead us to rework the project in consultation with local stakeholders. Thus, the coordination of all the studies and analyses carried out is an integral part of our missions.

The preparation of authorisation request files and coordination with the various stakeholders and State services are at the heart of our daily missions. Our know-how in terms of monitoring and project management allows us to be relevant and effective in the proper conduct of territorial projects.

From pre-feasibility to the construction phase, our engineering department supports our project managers to define and optimise the design of the sites.  In order to maximise the performance and durability of the installations, our engineers integrate all the operating requirements and constraints identified during development. 

Compatibility with the agricultural world, the environment, recycling and landscape integration are at the heart of our thinking.

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